Saturday, June 20, 2015

MAP DAT dt06, dt05_x, dt04 PES 2013


unnamed_1: sleeve patch LIBERTADORES "Invisible"
unnamed_2: sleeve patch UEFA CL
unnamed_3: sleeve patch UEFA CL FINALE
unnamed_4: sleeve patch UEFA EL
unnamed_5: sleeve patch UEFA EL FINALE
unnamed_6: sleeve patch UEFA SUPER CUP
unnamed_7: sleeve patch PREMIER League "Invisible"
unnamed_8: sleeve patch EREDIVISIE
unnamed_9: sleeve patch NETHERLANDS CUP
unnamed_10: sleeve patch LIGUE 1
unnamed_11: sleeve patch COUPE DE FRANCE
unnamed_12: sleeve patch SERIA A "Invisible"
unnamed_13: sleeve patch LIGA BBVA
unnamed_14: sleeve patch PES LEAGUE "Invisible"
unnamed_15: sleeve patch PES CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_16: sleeve patch WE LEAGUE "Invisible"
unnamed_17: sleeve patch WE CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_18: sleeve patch MONTPELLIER CHAMPIONS LIGUE 1
unnamed_19: sleeve patch INTERNATIONAL CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_20: sleeve patch SOUTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP"Invisible"
unnamed_22: Ball names (unnamed_1973 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_23: City names for Football Life
unnamed_24: Nations Names for Football Life
unnamed_26: Players stats list (unnamed_1975 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_28: Team relink Home stadium
unnamed_29: Boots stats list
unnamed_31: Team Names (dt04) = (unnamed_1979 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_34: League Structure = (unnamed_1982 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_35: Kits relink and Config = (unnamed_1983 dt0f after DLC 1.0
unnamed_39: Libertadores team names
unnamed_45: England league logo
unnamed_46: Ieague 1 logo
unnamed_47: Italian league logo
unnamed_48: Eeredivisie logo
unnamed_49: Liga BBVA logo
unnamed_50: Pes league logo
unnamed_51: Portuguese league logo
unnamed_52: Brasilian league logo
unnamed_53: Uefa champions league logo
unnamed_54: Libertadores logo
unnamed_55: England cup logo
unnamed_56: France cup logo
unnamed_57: Italian cup logo
unnamed_58: Nederlands cup logo
unnamed_59: Spain cup logo
unnamed_60: Pes cup logo
unnamed_61: Portuguese cup logo
unnamed_62: Brasilian cup logo
unnamed_63: European cup logo
unnamed_64: African cup logo
unnamed_65: American cup logo
unnamed_66: Asian cup logo
unnamed_67: International cup logo
unnamed_68: Europa league logo
unnamed_69: Super cup logo
unnamed_70: Konami cup logo
unnamed_71: WE league logo
unnamed_72: WE cup logo
unnamed_73: South american championship logo
unnamed_75: blur during gameplay
unnamed_76: nationalites emblems (not used after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_77: Teams emblems and logos (not used after DLC 1.00)


unnamed_1.bin: licensed leagues names
unnamed_6.bin: master league sponsors
unnamed_38: Exbition Menu font
unnamed_39: Champions League Menu Font
unnamed_40: Europa League Menu Font


unnamed_2 to unnamed_36: Unlicensed Leagues and Cups
unnamed_37: Pes 2012 start screen
unnamed_38: Xbox 360 Pad
unnamed_39: Xbox 360 Pad buttons
unnamed_40: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, power bar
unnamed_41: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_42: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, scoreboard textures
unnamed_43: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_44: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_45: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_46: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_47: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_48: Loading Background, icons
unnamed_49: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_50: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_51: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_52: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_53: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_54: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_55: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, scoreboard textures
unnamed_56: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_57: Background
unnamed_58: Background
unnamed_59: Background
unnamed_66: Champions League Background
unnamed_71: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_72: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_73: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_74: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_77: Pes 2013 Start screen
unnamed_78: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_79: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_83: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_84: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_85: Skills Cards
unnamed_86: Icons
unnamed_87: No data Icon
unnamed_94: Balls selection background
unnamed_95: Balls selection background
unnamed_103: Save Icon
unnamed_107: Credit Logos
unnamed_337: Gameplan
unnamed_775: Konami intro screen
unnamed_1154.bin to unnamed_1214.bin: sponsors logos
unnamed_1262 till unnamed_1308: stadium preview
unnamed_1427: Replay Logo Champions League HD
unnamed_1428: Replay Logo Champions League SD
unnamed_1431: Replay Logo Europa League HD
unnamed_1432: Replay Logo Europa League SD
unnamed_1433: Replay Logo Unknow HD
unnamed_1434: Replay Logo Unknow SD
unnamed_1435: Replay Logo Copa Lebirtadors HD
unnamed_1436: Replay Logo Copa Lebirtadors SD
unnamed_1437: Replay Logo Exbition HD
unnamed_1438: Replay Logo Exbition SD


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